Elenis Brings Greece to Gramercy Park

The other evening I met a friend at Elenis, a Greek restaurant that is located at 17th Street and 3rd Avenue. We met to celebrate the holiday spirit and Elenis was a great choice indeed.

Here are some outdoor Elenis holiday images…

Eleni’s restaurant has been described as a tasty journey that will offer you a fatigues free journey all through Greece in just a few minutes. And indeed it was… Check out the bar area and the inside decor.

At Elenis they serve fresh charcoal-grilled fish and meat, from both coastal and mainland Greece. Their appetizers also include traditional cheeses and organic salads. So what did I decide to order?…

I ordered the Grilled Norwegian salmon paired with a leek rice pilaf and it was fabulous (along with the fresh, hot fabulous bread basket)and by the way, the salmon arrived at our table much faster than I could have ever imagined :).

OK. It was dessert time and I ordered Galaktompouriko which translatedLol is Semolina custard with a light, soft filo crust, surrounded by honey syrup. It truly was divine.

Oh and let’s not forget the cappuccino which topped a great meal.

So I definitely recommend Elenis if you’re in The Gramercy Park Area.

It’s really a very pleasant place to rest and eat…for a while.

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