Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


From his book, “Long Walk to Freedom,” Nelson Mandela states the “Freedom is indivisible:the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people where the chains on me.”  Now the public will be able to see the movie version of this wonderful book beginning at the end of November and see how Mandela so gracefully and humbly lived this quote.

Now I attended this special screening of this long awaited movie and it was hosted by Shared Interest (,  Shared Interest (www.sharedinterest,org) is a New York based social investment fund whose mission it is to help South Africans mobilize their economically disenfranchised communities.  This effort is done in a way to help these communities sustain themselves and build equitable nations.  All proceeds from this charitable screening went to help support Shared Interest and their all important mission.

So make it a point to see this important movie.  It will stir your soul and at the same time teach you much about the history of South Africa.

I completely recommend it!


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