Hee Haw-Georgia State Fair

OK. I admit it.  I’ve always wanted to go to a State Fair.  I think that it was from watching all those State Fair episodes either on the Food or Travel Channel but yes, they always looked sooo fun!

Well, finally, I got my opportunity while visiting family in Georgia.

It was actually my sister who heard me mention that someday I’d like to go to a State Fair and over breakfast one morning she said, “Believe it or not Sora, The Georgia State Fair is happening on the weekend that you’re here.” I was like, “really, then we have to go…!”

So what better way to then experience the sights and sounds of a fair then by watching a video and so check out the one below…

And now these are some of the rides at The Fair, one particularly strange looking rooster that I found absolutely irresistible, me having my caricature done, my girlfriend who made friends with a seal and an AMAZING Chainsaw artist.








So hope that you had a fun video/picture walk through The Georgia State Fair and if you want to check out the food stands then go to the Food tab for the article and take a walk around those as well…

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