Dining under Bali Skies!

Well, I recently returned from a trip to Bali (see Travel Tab) where our first stop was Seminyak.  The second night that we were there we went to eat at this restaurant called Vin+ (www.vinplus.biz).

The front of  the restaurant was amazing as you can see in the photo below.Vin+-30

Eating dinner at Vin+ was more than a food experience.

The inside structure made you feel that you were part of the skies of Bali and were enveloped by all it’s intrigue in addition to being a very chill type of place!!!

So what did I wind up ordering???

My mind was set on dessert so I decided to just have a Caesar Salad with a Soft Poached Egg and Garlic Croutons with dressing on the side as my main dish.


And even though the salad wasn’t that big, which didn’t bother me (with my heart set on dessert) it was probably the best Caesar Salad that I’d ever had.  The food was uber fresh and it just tasted divine.

Then YEAH! it was time to pick a dessert!

I decided on Vanilla Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis Sauce which was paired with a glass of Sababay Moscato d’Bali.


Now the combination of the two were SIMPLY DIVINE!!!!!

So if you find yourself in Seminyak, Bali, then don’t miss an opportunity to dine at Vin+.

I completely recommend it!





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