Copinette Restaurant is Ooh La La

I had a very fun dining experience at Copinette which is located at 891 1st Avenue between 50th and 51st Street.

You see a few decades ago I met the owner this restaurant (who has since passed) at a private club called Club A and dated him. However, when he was the owned the restaurant it was named Copain which meant boyfriend in French. Who knewLol

But today I’m happy to announce that the restaurant has taken on a feminist twist and Amy Babic is the owner and Copinette means girlfriend. How cool is that… Interesting how things have come full circle.

So here is the outside area, the inside bar area and the inside dining space at Copinette.

So Copinette offers American cuisine with French influence. They also have an extensive wine list which focuses on North American, French and Italian wines with a wide rage of price points making it completely affordable.

So let’s take a look at what I ordered because the meal was completely and I mean completely divine.

So of course, I started with the bread because it looked divine and was so yum.

Then I ordered Truffle Burrata with tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, basil oil and balsamic glaze.

Truffle Burrata

Truffle Burrata is a cheese truffle made of layers of soft mozzarella. The core of the burrata is creamy and buttery while the taste is characterized by light and fresh flavors. Let me tell you that the freshness of the burrata in combination with the tomatoes (I forgo the oil and the balsamic glaze thinking about dessertLol) was so utterly tasty and delightful and sooo fresh that it was just -what can I say but “divine.”

Then for my main course I ordered Pan Seared Branzino with sauteed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes, lemon capers, olives, tomatoes and olive oil.

Pan Seared Branzino

I just can’t stop raving about how fresh and delicious all the ingredients were. The whole dish was put together with a lot of love and that is just how it tasted. Amazing!!!

And now, yeah dessert!

For dessert I chose Peach Melba.

Peach Melba

I’ve tried a lot of Peach Melba but this one was like floating on a cloud. It was so easy breezy, so light and just sooo entertaining.

So I completely recommend Copinette. The food is great, the atmosphere relaxing and you couldn’t ask for better service.


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