As I mentioned in the Sardi’s post several of the Global Directors from the Global Woman Club had come to New York from Europe to take part in the Global Woman’s New York Summit. The day that Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis, the Cyprus Global Director was leaving to go home, myself, Pat Labez (the now former Director of the Global Woman New York Club) got together at Sarabeth’s to say good-bye over breakfast.

Here I am getting out at 59th Street and Central Park South, since this Sarabeth’s (there are a few in the city) was at 40 Central Park South)

Getting out of the train station I was on the same block as an entrance to Central Park.

And look at what I also caught a glimpse of those…

Now it’s time to hurry along to meet the gals.

When I went inside I found a warm atmosphere along with a menu of contemporary American breakfast food and a very friendly staff. By the way, not only does Sarabeth’s serve breakfast but they also serve lunch and dinner every day of the week, as well as weekend brunch with a full bar along with specialty cocktails.

The great thing about the location of this Sarabeth’s is that it is within walking distance of the historic Plaza Hotel, Carnegie Hall, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and just steps from Central Park. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, as well as weekend brunch with a full bar and specialty cocktails.

So here are some inside images…

So what did I decide to order?

I decided to order Avocado Toast with two poached eggs(pardon the split eggLol, but I took the

photo anyway!)

Breakfast was super yum.

The ingredients were fresh and it was just what I wanted!

So if you’re in the Central Park South area definitely step into Sarabeth’s.

You’ll enjoy it!

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