Amman Jordan

I arrived in Amman, Jordan on a tour, 2 days before the war between Israel and Gaza broke out. You can imagine the shock that I was in when I got news of it. But, I decided to continue on the tour and I was not about to turn around and go back to the states.

I flew Turkish Airlines which I totally don’t recommend and to into Amman at 1:30am.

I joined the other folks on the tour and took a room at The Prime Hotel just until 11am that morning when we checked into The W Hotel.

We checked out at 11am and then proceeded to The W Hotel which was really fabulous. Everything, was to extreme detail and I just loved my stay there!

We were totally wiped out but left the hotel after a quick unpack and took in the local sites.

We visited Rainbow Street. There are lots of restaurants, cafes and shops and Rainbow Street is considered to be the heart of the Old City.

Then we wanted to go to the gallery area to see the art of the country so we went to The Kalid Shoman Foundation and enjoyed Jordanian art both old and new.

From there we wanted to visit the famous Citadel so we knew that we had to take an Uber. Yeah, love Uber! So much freedom! Love Uber!

The Citadel as shown in the image below dominates one of the seven jebels —or hills—that make up the capital city of Jordan. It’s known locally as Jebel al-Qal’a and the site boasts the remains of a Roman temple, a Byzantine church, and an Umayyad palace, along with several other features of historical interest.

From there we took another Uber and our driver was very enthusiastic about driving around Amman and showing us the streets, the Amphitheater and downtown. It was great. I was seeing Amman as a local.

Below are some images which show you what the landscape of Amman pretty much looks like no matter which way you turn only this one holds their famous Roman Theatre. The theatre originally built between 138 and 161 CE, during the rule of the Antoninus Pius, the Roman Emperor who was known to be one of the most peaceful Emperors in Roman history.

The theatre can hold over 5,000 onlookers and is still used today!

Towards the evening after a day of Ubering around we wound up downtown and I couldn’t help but admire some of the women fashion in their local store fronts.

So I enjoyed my day and a half in Amman, the next day we left for Wadi Rum and it was time to continue our Jordanian adventure.

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