La Soiree Made My Day

What a fortunate choice on my part to decide to buy a ticket to see La Soiree the other evening, an adult cabaret show just because it was a couple of  blocks from my house.

Wow!!!  It did not disappoint.  It was sooo fun and such a trip out of the ordinary!!!

Just what the doctor ordered for a New York City Sunday evening!

From the minute you walked in, starting with when you were handed your free popcorn you were really transported out of the realm of your everyday reality and forced especially once the show began to only be able to focus and be in awe of the spectacular, unique types of talent that were displayed on the intimate type of round stage as seen in the photo below.


Now, there were many types of acts that ranged from 2 spectacular, quite “British” acrobats (who would wind up taking their outer clothes off at the end of their act!) much to the delight of the audience members, an amazing hula hoop performer who razzle dazzled all of us, a very funny juggler who came back during the second act to juggle knives and torches which he called norches and let’s not forget an acrobatic act by a guy using a large hula   loop (think Blue Moon-he was fabulous as well).

Now additionally adding an exotic dancer or two with some over the top puppeteers and a very sexy acrobatic guy in a bath tub(SoLOL) was again an audience’s delight.

But I think that to get a sense of this show that I need to share some photos that I was very fortunate to get when the show ended.

So enjoy the images and if you live in The New York City area make sure to put the show on your must see list!





And yes, that's me-lucky enough to get a photo with one of the show's emcees-The Blue Bunny.

And yes, that’s me-lucky enough to get a photo with one of the show’s emcees-The Blue Bunny.

So if you want to leave the rest of your world outside the theater and have a really fun time then La Soiree is a must see!


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