Inside Barbecue Fun

Last Friday night, I attended NAC’s ( 3rd Annual Summer Soiree and the buffet menu was that of an All American Barbecue.

Below was your typical reserved table and the club had over a 250 rsvp list!


Now there was so much food to choose from and so below was what I decided on.

Also because they’re was sooo much food to choose from-So LOL- I couldn’t fit it all on one plate so a second…plate was needed to try it all.


So on my first plate from the roll clockwise, there was an potato salad, the yummiest of fried chicken, a cabbage salad, carrots in a mayo dressing, black beans and so yum, corn on the cob WHICH I HADN’T HAD IN SUCH A LONG TIME.


Then in my second plate, I tried a three bean salad, an asparagus salad and some of their pasta, which truth be told still needed to be cooked some more. Sad Face.

Now below are some of the desserts that I decided to try.  Only at a buffet, only at a buffet…So LOL


Starting with the heart and raspberry filled cookie and going clockwise, was a chocolate fudge inside a small circled cake, an amazing tasting apple strudel, a small round berry and custard pie and a Linzer Tart with Raspberry filling.  So I tasted each of them (What’s a dessert gal going to do) and the winner for the calories was!!!!! The Linzer Tart.  It was AWESOME.

So who says that a barbecue has to be outside, this was great and a lot of fun!!!





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