Museum of American Finance

Last Saturday, I ventured down to the Wall Street area, met up with a group of gals who were also interested in visiting The Museum of American Finance and there was a lot to see and learn.


Of course when you walk in there was the gift shop and I must admit that after the tour I did go back and bought some gifts.  They have some very cool stuff!


So the tour started where we actually took a look at the history of money in New York.  It all started with the trading of commodities such as beaver skins and would up looking as below.



We also learned about the beginnings of bonds, securities and the stock market.  It was easily presented museum style and therefore easy to understand.


Then we took a tour and saw The AIG Building, the old Lehman Brothers Building, The Trump Building and good old George Washington standing on the steps of the building where he took his oath as the first president of The United States and which at the time served as the home of the first Congress, Supreme Court and the many Executive Branch offices.


So if you’re interested in the world of finance and you’re down in The Wall Street area then I recommend The Museum of American Finance at 48 Wall Street and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting!




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