North Fork or South Fork-The Fun Choice is Yours!

Labor Day Weekend and time to leave the city for a new adventure!  So I signed up for a North & South Fork Wine and Beach Weekend with Zirkel the World Travel and was rearing to go!

Left on Friday, the 30th and arrived late that evening at our lovely Resort Cliffside Condominium in Greenport (


Had dinner at Amano Restaurtant ( and the food was great!

Next morning off to the Martha Clara Vineyards ( owned believe it or not by the man who started Entenmann’s cake and who in turn named the vineyard after his mother!

Had a great wine tasting and the gals that poured for us were awesome!


Then another wine tasting at Pindar (, a pre-dinnerLOL  at and then a late nite dinner at!

Then on Sunday, off to Channing Daughters Winery ( for a very classy wine tasting and then a great lunch at The Naturally Good Food and Café, a very fun organic market and café where the food was awesome!


Then off to the famous Montauk Lighthouse and the local beach and yeah!  the weather stayed in our favor.  I must admit that our fingers were crossed! SoLOL


Then a fabulous vineyared was beheld at The Wolffer Esate Winery ( where the vineyards were a joy to experience!


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