Portland Maine-A Foodie Heaven

Well, time to leave New York City again and I decided to go on Zirkel the World’s (www.zirkeltheworld.com) Foodie Weekend to Portland, Maine.

The weekend was amazing but before I talk about the foodSoLOL, here are some interesting facts about Maine that I learned about and wanted to share.

Did you know that Maine’s 8,000 working farms feed Maine’s people and economy with a value of $800 million each year. Wow!

And did you know that Mainers depend on nature for their drinking water, and that their healthy forests keep that drinking water clean saving towns and cities hundreds of millions of dollars.  Wow! You go Mainers!  I am impressed!

And so now about the food!  It was truly amazing, tasty and fun!

So, first we attended The Harvest on the Harbor Festival as shown in the picture below.


Then in the next photo you can see that this guy was hard at work outside the tasting tent making the best flatbread ever.


Then as you can see in the next photo that as myself and the rest of the group entered the festival’s main tent that we were greeted by a smiling face and a wine glass was given to each of us to drink and have fun with.


Now the rest of the festival which lasted about three hours was filled with Lobster on pizza, Choomi cookies which were absolutely amazing, all kinds of home grown cheeses and O! Others!, a coffee company whose motto is Changing the world through coffee…One cup at a time.  How cool is that for a mission!

Then the next day the group went on a Maine Foodie Tour.

Wow!  Watching those calories was really a challenge but definitely worth every divine morsel of each of the tasting experiences!

So The Foodie Walking Tour started out at The Old Port Wine Shop (www.oldportwine.com) and then onto Vervacious which had a selection of 60+ artisan gourmet products including balsamics, rubs, salts and spices (www.vervacious.com).  Then it was onto K.Horton Specialty Foods, a local and award-winning Maine cheese and specialty foods company (www.publicmarkethouse.com).  Then off to Stonewall Kitchen also an award-winning specialty food manufacturer featuring hundreds of jams, grille sauces, mustards and more (www.stonewallkitchen.com) and then off to The Harbor Fish Market, a famous fish market on Portland’s waterfront featuring fish seafood and lobsters (www.harborfish.com).

Then onto Dean’s Sweets (www.deansweets.com) where I treated myself as seen below to two completely decadent pieces of Bacon Buttercrunch chocolate which were absolutely amazing!


And last but not least, how could I pass up going to The Two Fat Cat Bakery where pumpkin whoopee pies and all other types of pices where a sight to be seen.  I got away with half of a whoopie pie and said, “Sora, it is time to leaveSoLOL!


So if you want to treat yourself to a great weekend away and experience some of the best fresh food around, then why not Portland.

I enjoyed it and I know that you will too!



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