LeJeune Foundation Holds Fine Wine Auction


On November 13, 2013 The Jerome Lejeune Foundation, USA (www.lejeuneusa.org) will be having a select wine tasting and auction.  This amazing wine tasting begins at 6 p.m. at The Mutual of America Building, 320 Park Avenue, New York, NY.

The mission of The Jerome Lejeune Foundation, USA is to provide research, care and advocacy to benefit those with genetic intellectual disabilities.  This kind of research, care and advocacy is done by conducting, promoting and funding therapeutically oriented research.

It is the goal of The Jerome Lejeune Foundation, a recognized public interest organization, to continue the work of Dr. Jerome Lejeune who was able to link an intellectual disability, Down Syndrome to its genetic cause.

So now the funding from this evening’s fabulous auction will be used for:

l. continued medical research on genetic diseases with intellectual disability.

2. continued specialized medical consultation treating all of these pathologies.

3. continued promotion for the respect of the intellectually disabled patient’s dignity from the beginning of their life until their death.

So if you have a big heart and want to experience an amazing wine tasting event then click HERE and buy yourself a ticket!



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