John Chamberlain’s Residency Grant Celebrates his Legacy

Thomas Merton said that, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the “same” time.”

The other evening I attended a special exhibition of contemporary art to benefit The Watermill Center’s John Chamberlain Residency Grant (

John Chamberlain - Sculpture

John Chamberlain – Sculpture

The exhibition was entitled “Reflection: Art and Beauty” and reflected contemporary art and the exhibition was curated by Alexandra Fairweather, Daneyal Mahmood, Katherine Vogel and Maria-Anna Goess.

This exhibition gave the guest an opportunity as Merton quoted, “to both find themselves and lose themselves…at the very same time!


Now at the event, Alexandra Fairweather, the step daughter of John Chamberlain and the founder of The John Chamberlain Residency Grant told me why creating this special grant for the emerging artist at The Watermill Center in Water Mill, New York was so very close to her heart.

Alexandra said that when she was growing up that she was always surrounded by artists, foremost by her step-dad John Chamberlain and also by Don Flavin.  That being around these creative forces was so very inspiring to her and showed her how very important it was to support the young emerging artist.

Alexandra went on to say that it was a result of that experience, that two years ago that Alexandra met with people at The Watermill Center ( where there was already an exciting artists in residency program and it was then that she decided to create The John Chamberlain Residency Grant Fund as a legacy to her step-dad, the world renowned artist, John Chamberlain.

So if you’d like to find out more about The Watermill Center and The John Chamberlain Residency Grant Fund then click HERE  and learn more!






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