Degenerate Art: Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany 1937

Saturday, I went up to 86th Street and 5th Avenue also known as Museum Mile.


On the corner across from the park was The Neue Galerie New York,, 1048 Fifth Avenue.


They had an exhibit that I had wanted to see called “Degenerate” Art.

No photos were allowed but I was able to take these prior to entrance into the actual exhibit.



This exhibit which runs from March 13th-June 30th is the first major U.S. museum exhibition devoted to “Degenerate” Art. The word “degenerate” adopted by Germany National Social regime was part of its 1037 campaign against modern art at the time.

Many works were labeled as modern art by the Nazis and were ultimately seized from museums as well as private collections.

Following those confiscations the works were shown across Germany and Austria over a three year period after which it was presumed that they were either sold, lost or destroyed.

It is against this backdrop in history and the recent discovery in Munich of the Gurlitt trove of such artwork, that this collection has gathered much international attention.

So if you’re interested in learning more about the history of this exhibition then click HERE and find out more!



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