Attend a Duckathlon!

Jacques Torres otherwise known as Mr. Chocolate will be attending The Duckathlon!

Jacques Torres otherwise known as Mr. Chocolate will be attendingThe Duckathlon!

I found this event online, thought it sounded both fun and educational so I decided to share it!

This Saturday, June 14th, at The Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York,NY, a Ducklathlon will be held!

So what is a Ducklathon? (the same thing that I asked myselfSoLOL)

Well, ever wonder where the food that you’re eating really comes from?

Well Duckathlon 2014 will give you an opportunity that takes you on an experimental journey from farm to table

The event was created by D’Artagnan ( a leading supplier of all-natural and organic poultry and game.

At this event famous chefs like Jacques Torres will be partnering with farmers to lead consumers through a series of fun, interactive challenges designed to test their knowledge of they food that they eat every day.  Proceeds from The Duckathlon will benefit Action Against Hunger’s FoodLove Initiative which is a partnership with food and beverage leaders that provides lifesaving nutrition and sustainable solutions to global hunger.

So if you’d like to find out more about the food that you eat, more about the farm to table experience and watch exciting demonstrations and cook and bake offs then click HERE and buy yourself a ticket!



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