New York African Restaurant Week Highlights Awesome African Restaurants

The other evening I was lucky enough to find myself at The Edible Bazaar Benefit-Spring 2014 of New York African Restaurant Week (!

This mouth-watering and very educational food event took place at Suite 36, 16 West 36th Street, New York, NY and served food from across the continent of Africa.

Many restaurants were serving food at the event.

So what I’m going to do is to list the restaurants for you (all the food was equally as good) and then I’m going to show you what foods I wound up tasting!

So that the restaurants that were featured at this wonderful event were Madiba, Mobassa Catering, Barbara Food Creations, Ponty Bistro, Sweet Dreams and let’s not forget Dining with Grace which I can assure you serves AMAZING FOOD!

So below was my “trying” dish and not one item disappointed!




Now the easiest way for me to label each of the foods and share it in this article was that I decided to make two rows of my choices and will be listing each of my food choices right to left, first on the top row and then on the second.

So on the top right was this amazing chutney sauce, after that was fried white beans, then came a beef pie and then so, so yummy Chicken Wings Peri-Peri.

On the bottom row, right to left was a salmon cake, a vegetarian Samosas, Joll of rice (from West Africa), then a Suya Meatball and then an Egusi Samosas.


So why not go to today, find an African restaurant near you and let your African food adventure begin!




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  1. I just absolutely love african restaurants. I think they are less popular as many don’t know about them. The ethopian, kenyan cuisine spices are quite unique. When you look at some of their lentils, rice or curry; one may think its Indian but no, the taste is so unique .

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