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I was recently invited by The United Nations Foundation (www.unfoundation.org) to a private reception which also included film clips and a panel discussion around the movie Misconception.

The movie is a Participant Media’s new Tribeca documentary which looks at the urgent need for women’s reproductive rights across the globe!

This both informative and transformative event was held at Helen Mills, 137 West 26th Street, New York, NY.

This very, very interesting documentary was a discussion with prominent champions and emerging leaders on Why We Care: Stories of Reproductive Health.

The film held conversations with Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka, the United Nations-Under-Secretary General and the Executive Director of UN Women, Kathy Calvin, the President and Chief Executive Officer of The United Nations Foundation, Gladys Kalibbala, award-winning journalist with New Vision, Uganda and Hans Rosling, Professor of Global Health at the Karolinska Institutet and educator at the Gapminder Foundation.

Now the film clip that was shown took a look at reproductive health as one of the most critical yet misunderstood issues in the path of moving forward in the year 2014.

Most moving was the committed mission of Gladys Kalibbala, who as an award-winning journalist for New Vision, Uganda in her column about lost and abandoned children (in Uganda) not only committed her pen to paper but her very large heart as well!

Gladys Kalibbala, award-winning journalist for New Vision, Uganda.

Gladys Kalibbala, award-winning journalist for New Vision, Uganda.

So if you believe in women’s reproductive rights and the rights of women and men across the globe whether they be about human sexuality or gender identity then click HERE to find out more!

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