Our Town’s The Art of Food Excites the Senses

Our Town’s The Art of Food Event was an amazing feast for the senses!  The event was presented by New York-Prsbyterian and was held at Sotheby’s New York which is located at 1334 York Avenue.

The event was a new and innovative event for both food and art lovers alike.  That’s because at the event, twenty five of the biggest names in chefs whose restaurants are on the Upper East Side prepared a unique sumptuous dish which was inspired by the art to be sold in Sotheby’s upcoming auction.

But why talk about a feast for the senses when you can see them.

So below are some photos of these chef’s mouthwatering creations.

So the first restaurant that I stopped by… was Il Mulino of New York www.ilmulino.com and their tasting OMG was Champagne Truffle in Cream Sauce—need I say more!

IMG_0149Then there was T-Bar Steak www.tbarnyc.com and their tasting was Roast Suckling Pig Rolls.  Let me tell you that they were divine!!! The ingredients included roast suckling pig, sesame crepe, hoisin sauce, green onion, cucumber, apple and it was served with a spicy sambal and Misso sauce.


Then from The Writing Room www.thewritingroomnyc.org  there were Braised Short Rib Sliders…ok. also divine!  The sliders were in Parker House Rolls and they included pickles.


Yes, you’re right…it’s time for dessert and that’s when I found Magnolia Bakery www.magnoliabakery.com.

Lol, while I couldn’t get a piece of cake as featured below I did however wind up having a mini vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing which totally was so amazing that I knewSoLOL that I then needed to walk away from their tasting table..SoLOL


But then as I was getting ready to leave I found a tasting of Prosecco by Canti www.prestigewineandspiritsgroup.com and how could I say no.. OMG-what a great tasting event! I hope the “same” tasting event with the “same” tastings next year as well!!!


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