Biz Bash is Fun Bash


The other day I attended Biz Bash at Jacob Javits Convention Center.  Biz Bash is a live expo where more than 2,000 event and meeting professionals are all in the same place on the same day. It’s the premier trade show and conference for the event industry!

The event showcased event venues, furniture suppliers, linen suppliers, flower suppliers and entertainment suppliers along with any other supplier that you might need to contact to put your special event together and make it a memorable success.

But I must admit that I had the most fun in looking at the different types of entertainment companies which were available to choose from for your best event ever.

So I’m going to share some of my favorite entertainment companies with you but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also include Alibaba Events whose luxury tent rentals were really a-mazing and would bring any event a huge visual feast for your guest’s eyes-as you can see below in their a-mazing Moroccan tent reproduction.


So now without a moment’s hesitation, let me share all the entertainment companies that you have to choose from to make your important event as memorable as possible.

So first I spoke with Meaghan Brown, Marketing & Administrative Executive at Penguin Entertainment  Penguin Entertainment is Orlando, Florida’s premiere entertainment production company that is yeah!-now coming to New York! The company offers so many different acts that I was really impressed. This entertainment company can hire an operatic couple to sing romantic opera, or an a cappella group named Pop Fusion or they can hire a gentleman by the name of  Michael Barimo who has been hailed by The New York Times as “Part Caruso, part Canary”!!!  So make sure to check them out.  They have an extremely wide range of acts that you can choose from and you will not be disappointed!!!!!


Then, there is Legacy36,LLC at

Wow, I was certainly excited to meet some former Rockettes who are now part of this company. The organization basically does corporate events and brings their love of precision to wherever they perform.


Then there’s a company that really makes me happy because of their unique approach to “showing up!”  That would be Screaming Queens Entertainment…


OK. Another very fun form of entertainment is from Athen Entertainment


Yup…never a dull moment with these two gals in the house!

But if you don’t want live entertainment/food displays then you can contact Grosh which is a backdrop and drapery company.  Grosh has over 5,000 backdrops and drapery for schools, dance, theater, events and more…So here comes Halloween…


Well, now you have your choice of entertainment companies to choose from to make your next event your very best event ever!!!

So-it’s time for me to sign off now in my very “own” selfie from So check them out as well!


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