A Visit to The Brooklyn BabyFest

So having grown up in Brooklyn and with a 4 year old niece, two 2 year old nephews and a new nephew on the way I thought that it would be fun to return to Brooklyn and did that by attending Brooklyn’s 2015 3rd Annual Babyfest.  I thought that I could find some fun gift items for my new nephew and just check everything out!

So the expo was held at The Brooklyn Expo Center which is located at 72 Noble Street which is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  I took the L Train to Lorimer and then changed for the G towards Court Square and got off at Greenpoint Avenue. Then I  walked a few blocks and voila—there was the Expo Center.

The place was really packed and parents who had the opportunity to create their registry, test drive the best baby products on the market and win amazing raffle prizes.  Parents also enjoyed various expert seminars, lots of goodies and got to connect with a lot of outreach vendors in their community.

But why talk about what was there when you can walk it through with some of the photos that I’ve posted below…

So welcome to the…


Do you need to choose a school for your child…




Or…if you’re pregnant or just had your child or your child is a toddler then here are some neat product and services that you might want to try…

www.happyfamilybrands.com Food for the pregnant Mom.

 www.happyfamilybrands.com  Food for the pregnant Mom.

www.milkbabyproducts.com Disposable baby formula bags.

www.milkbabyproducts.com Disposable baby formula bags.

www.babygrowgear.com Leasable and Rentable Baby Furniture

www.babygrowgear.com      Leasable and Rentable Baby Furniture

Then there’s finding the right kid’s friendly dentist…


And thenLOL, let’s not forget about the toys…and the books…



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