Tusk USA Supports Endangered African Wildlife



Tusk USA’s mission “is to find a way to combine the interest of both people and wildlife, while preserving Africa’s natural heritage.” That’s because 25 years ago Africa was in the middle of a poaching crisis.  Black Rhinos were on the brink of extinction and African Elephants were being slaughtered at a rate of 100,000 each year.  It was at that point that Tusk USA was founded because drastic action was needed during these drastic times!

So the other evening I attended a fundraiser event held by Tusk USA at The Crosby Street Hotel which is located at 79 Crosby Street.

Tusk USA held a film screening and a panel discussion for the movie “Explorer: Warlords of Ivory” which showcased investigative journalist Bryan Christry who set out on a groundbreaking mission to expose how the ivory trade funds some of Africa’s most notorious militia and terrorist groups.  

In the movie, which was produced by Tusk USA‘s board member John Hemingway, Christy is seen working together with one of the world’s top taxidermists to conceal a sophisticated GPS tracker inside a very real looking “fake” ivory tusk.  It’s this specially designed “fake” ivory tusk that is then left in the heart of elephant poaching country and its movements are carefully monitored to track down and capture the heads of illegal ivory trade.

So to find out more about this wonderful and sooo needed non-profit click HERE to learn more today!


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