Shared Interest Celebrates Twenty Years of Achievement!


On February 27th, 2014 Shared Interest ( held it’s 20th annual awards gala at Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway, New York, NY.  The gala was a fundraiser to support the mission of Shared Interest.  Shared Interest ( is a New York based social investment fund whose mission it is to help South African’s mobilize their economically disenfranchised communities.  Together, Shared Interest and Thembani International Guarantee Fund ( guarantee South African bank loans to low-income communities (and their own financial institiutions) to create affordable housing, businesses, jobs and other important services to support the economic and social growth of this great democratic nation.

Now during the evening’s event two of the attendees Jan Piercy and Pamela Palangue North shared why it was so important to them to support this amazing fundraising gala.

Jan Piercy said, “that she knew Donna Katzin, Executive Director of Shared Interest from Opportunity Collaboration (”  She said “that in Opportunity Collaboration ( everyone supported one another in whatever way that they could and her being at this event tonight was her way of supporting Donna.”  Also that presently Jan who works for Enclude ( together with Donna have created a joint proposal for Shared Interest and Thembani and that Jan is very excited about the potential outcome for the people of South Africa.

Now the second attendee, Pamela Palanque North said that having taguth and lived in South Africa both in Johannesbur, Pretoria and The Transvaal that she was contacted by Dr. Price Cobbs who is a psychiatrist and a past trustee of Shred Interest.  That Dr. Cobbs asked her is she would be available to consult to the CEO of Shared Interest, Dr. Donna Katzin.  She said that after speaking with Donna and understanding the organization’s mission and the organization’s structure that she absolutely agreed to consult and that as a result that she has been consulting now for nearly 14 years.  Presently, Ms. North is on the host committee for the gala and that she plans to be part of this great organization for a long time to come.

So if you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organization then click HERE and learn more about how you can also make a difference!


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