New York City is Back

I just attended live and in person the 2021 Event Planner Expo which was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion located at 125 West 18th Street. It felt kind of surreal to be in this large space with a lot of people given what New York City went through and is still going through due to the pandemic.

The expo showcased everything that an event planner would need to put together a smashing and over the top NYC event and it was fun being there.

So here is the Metropolitan Pavilion space.

And this is where I met the first vendor which was The Throne Kingdom . The Throne Kingdom provides all kinds of furniture for all kinds of events and their warehouse is located at 140 58th Street in Brooklyn.

Here I am sitting in one of their 🙂 display chairs.

Now every event needs a venue and there were many venues to choose from from special banquet and conference rooms at Yankee Stadium to event spaces at The Hard Rock Cafe.

My own personal favorite restaurant and event venue is Thalassa, a Greek taverna which serves high-end seafood in an extremely chic and upscale Aegean type of environment. Thalassa is located at 179 Franklin Street and has very easy train access.

Here is an event caterer that I found and the pastries were like “I have no words.”

OK. These cherry, strawberry mouse cream puffs were enough to get me to hire them -like-right-away-for my next whenever party :).

Then you need music if you’re having a really big type of celebration and these guys were awesome!

I also found Broadway Plus where you can hire one of over 500 artists representing every major Broadway and touring production over the past 10 years.

Then you need a staff and I found to do the job -whatever-the job.

So if you’re thinking of planning an event I hope some of these resources will help you out…

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