New York City Event Planner Expo

The other day a friend invited me to attend the 2015 New York City Event Planner Expo.  The event was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion which is located at 125 West 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Once there, I learned that the event is New York’s largest networking event which showcases the best for all event planning professionals.  So that the exhibitors at the event were top event planners, top event venues and top service providers for anything that you might need to make your personal or corporate event the “best” event possible.

But why write about what was exhibited when you can check out some photos that will take you into this very special world of expertise.

PS. Since I’m a desserts girl first, that’s about what you’re going to see a lot of…SoLOL

So every event needs flowers…IMG_0038

So check out NYC Flower Project


Then planning a wedding or a special event and need a cake…

Check out Haute So Sweet at



Now honestly, there were so many wonderful chocolate companies at the Expo that it was really hard to choose what companies to post.  But I’ve chosen to post two companies that are completely committed to “chocolate” excellence but are completely different in their brand’s products.

So the first company that I’ve chosen to highlight was Their slogan is “Chocolate reimagined” and trust me it is…

So below is a sample peek at one of their products.



The second company that I chose to highlight is Sweet Ali at

Alison Weinstock, owner of Sweet Ali (see below) can create any design any design in chocolate with edible paper.

As seen in the first image below Ali’s company can dip oreos in chocolate and decorate them with any edible design that you want. Talk about decadent.

The second image below showcases the chocolate picture frames that Ali’s company produces where you can also enjoy the entire chocolate frame and the photo in the frame.

Yeah!!! How fun is that.



OK. Enough about chocolateLOL and let’s take a look at Shiro of Japan  whose Sushi was absolutely, incredibly fresh and divine!!!


So now it’s time to say good-bye for now and here I am with two performers from the Atomic Entertainment who can help make your party “any kind of party that you want it to be!!!!”


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