Fashion Week and #Nextpertstylextech

The other evening I attended #Nextpertstylextech which is the brainchild of Katlean de Monchy who is a frequent technology and fashion consultant on CNN. Katlean sees and reports on how the use of technology is changing how fashion and beauty is being created and therefore used. That It’s this “combined” tech and beauty/fashion disruption that served to make this lounge event more interesting and different from the so called “gifting suites” well known to be held during Fashion Week.

Now the event was held at Studio 450, which is located at 450 West 31st Street and despite the very rainy weather the turn out was really great!

So below is a photo of the Studio 450/12th floor area where the #Nextpertstylextech vendors shared and displayed their latest products and information.


So now I’ll just share some of the vendors and their particular products…

So first let’s talk about sewing machines which truthfully they have been on my mind lately!

The Brother International Corporation ( which makes the industrial machines used on The Project Runway Show was there in it’s full glory.

Below is one of the machines that they had on display.  Isn’t it great!!!


And below is William Sween who was demonstrating the GT-3 Series machine from Brother International that printed on tee shirts. It was way cool and I got to have a printed tee shirt done as well!


Next, I checked out  Very cool!  They displayed pearls of alcohol in blueberry and peach flavors that you can use in your cocktails as a garnish.  Sounds like quite a treat…


Then my noise sniffed some chocolate and look what I found…


OK. It was right before dinner but I broke down and tried a piece.  It was BEYOND phenomenal and I’m a chocolate lover so this really was chocolate to impress!  The chocolates came from Maribelle which is located at 484 Broome Street So check them out and you won’t be disappointed!!!

Now some of the other vendors included which discussed how their laser light therapy in a cap which doesn’t involve surgery or drugs can restore one’s hair, then there was ShadeScent Nails which was a color inspired app which lets you find nail polish that matches any color that you see in real life, visualizes your look and then lets you share pictures with friends as well. And the last very interesting product that I’m going to mention was put out by LG Styler This machine is defined as a clothes manager, a closet -sized machine that steams, shakes and a machine that also dries your clothes so that after a long day of work so they’re ready for another go around that same night.

So what I really learned from attending #Nextpertstylextech is how important it is to be open to change in the form of product development and the possibilities that it can all bring!

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