Cocoon Art-All the Rage!

The other day I had the good fortune to visit artist Ida Ivanka Kubler in her studio.  Ida was born in rural Bulgaria where she had very few toys and where sericulture, or silk farming used to be quite common.  Ida shared with me that silk cocoons pass their lives in complete silence and are taken care of under the shadows of the mulberry tree.  It’s this extremely silent birth process in her art work that has become overwhelming in demand.

In addition what I found fascinating is that “Cocoon Therapy” is a recognized medical treatment dealing with the cognitive brain which prescribes complete mental rest which allows the brain to repair itself.  Wow, that sounds really cool and I do plan to do more research on that some time in the future!

So now you can imagine my delight when I feasted my eyes on many of Ida’s pieces and the inner solace that they brought to me as well.

But why talk about art when you can look at it and so below you’ll find two additional types of Ida’s art in addition to the last part of the post which showcases her cocoon art.


So the first project that Ida shared with me was called The Letter Series and here they are…


Ida told me that these wooden blocks which have lovely colors and designs painted on them and which can be hung across in a series dependent on how many you purchase are called The Letter Series. The reason that Ida call these works The Letter Series is that each of the wooden blocks represents feelings evoked by a different letter written to her by either a friend, a family member or a lover.

And here is Ida holding one “Letter” from her Letter Series…IMG_0163

I will tell you that I really liked these “painted” letters and I know that you would as well!


Then Ida shared with me her next piece of work called The City and you can see it below.

I also really liked this work as well…



And now we come to Ida’s much in demand work, her Cocoon Art.

Below you’ll see a photo of it.


In person, the work is very compelling and has a way of completely drawing you in.

Ida’s relationship to the cocoon and to the artistic process which turns them into a work of art if truly amazing…

And so below you’ll see Ida again, with a similar canvas but this time using a different color scheme.


So if you’re intrigued by the life of the cocoon and how Ida’s art creates a transformational opportunity to let you find your own inner silence and strength by engaging with her Cocoon Art then on September 12th, 2015 Ida is having a new exhibition, titled The Thing Series, at The Chance Gallery in Chelsea or you can check out all of Ida’s work before that at

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