Put Some Serendipity in Your Day at Serendipity3

Over 10 years ago I found myself at Serendipity3 www.serendipity3.com located at 225 E. 60th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

I had met a girlfriend for lunch and it was such a fun experience.  On the way out of the restaurant, I saw this AMAZING safety pin necklace which I couldn’t say not to and so I bought itLOL

Well, recently I found myself back at Serendipity 3 www.serendipity3.com again-you see I live downtown so I’m not uptown that often-but I happened to be uptown and I said to myself, “Sora, why not go for lunch to Serendipity3 and take a walk down memory lane.”

So I did and it was great…

But before I share with you what the inside of the restaurant looks like and what I had for lunch let me share some of the history and background of how Serendipity3 www.serendipity3.com came to be.

Serendipity3 was founded by Stephen Bruce in 1954.  Mr. Bruce named the restaurant after three legendary princes of the island that was once known as Serendip which is now Sri Lanka from which the 18th century writer Sir Horace Walpole coined the word serendipity.

Serendipity3 became a very popular restaurant as soon as it opened!!

In the beginning Marilyn Monroe would visit.  Later on Andy Warhol was a regular and First Lady Jackie O was also a frequent guest..

So that in 2004 Serendipity had its 50th anniversary and it’s still going strong!

And so now welcome to Serendipity3…


So this is what the outside of the restaurant looks like!

OK. So walking through the door really lifts your spirits.  There are lots of fun things to buy inside the entrance as shown in the photos below including some books on Serendipity’s favorite Sundaes.



Then once you get seated this is what the place looks like…



So I decided that I wanted to order something low in calories so I could then have one of their wonderful desserts.  That led me to choosing a dish called A La Garden of Allah.  The name alone sounded really romanticSoLOL and I remember being in Grandad and going to The Alhambra Citadel and I was thinking, “hmm, maybe that’s one of the meals they served in one of their many courtyards,” and so I decided to get it.

So first I had a salad with balsamic dressing which came with the dish.


Then came the A La Garden of Allah and it was simply Divine!!!


The portion of chicken was unbelievably generous, really enough for 3 or 4 people and the combination of the sauteed chicken breast covered with chilled cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and black olives was just fabulous.  I completely recommend ordering this dish.  Like I said before…it was Divine!

And then it was time for dessertLOL!

Now below is what the average dessert looks like “in this restaurant” so this is a serious picking since I’m a gal that watches her calories!


So I explainedSoLOL my dilemma to the really nice waiter and he said, “OK, if you want butterscotch ice-cream-then we can make you a “small” butterscotch sundae.  I said, “That sounds good!” but this is what showed upLOL-This was their “small!!!”  


So I took on the challengeLOL and I was ok with it and would up having an amount that I could live with but it wasn’t easySoLOL

So if you want to treat yourself to great food in an uplifting environment then check Serendipity3 www.serendipity3.com.

It’s fun and you’ll be glad that you went…

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