New York’s Wedding Salon Makes Dreams Come True

The other afternoon I found myself at Manhattan NYC, an Affinia hotel where I attended The Wedding Salon


The venue was packed and the mood was very upbeat and happy and there were lots of smiles on folks faces…


I never realized, seriously how many things that one has to take into consideration when planning a wedding but this Wedding Salon really rocked.

It was like attending a live internet search where you actually got to see all of what you might find yourself googling for in addition to the folks that owned these important companies and I found that a really big highlight of this amazing Wedding Salon.

So there are sooo many things to consider that I’ve decided to take you through The Salon through the various images that I captured.  This will help you find vendors and also get you thinking about what would make your wedding your very special day.

So let’s begin with where you might want to get married.  Well, there were so many vendors there with banquet halls but I feel compelled to share with you Patina Events who are the sole caterers at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  I think that’s because having been born in Brooklyn, it sounded like a really nice idea.



Now there’s the cake and being a dessert first kind of gal, there were wedding cakes to choose from, cupcakes to choose from and let’s not forget the macaroon.





OK. Now comes the gown. Of course Kleinfeld was represented but my favorite was Glamour Closet where it’s a sample sale every day on designer wedding gowns and up to 75% off retail.  Way to go!!




So you also need music, a photographer and you just might needLOL those dance lessons…

So check out Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music at  Then I really liked meeting Audrey Black whose the owner of Pure Love Films (see photo below) and they can be contacted at



And last but by no means least you might want to take those special dance lessons and so google



Now so very important-the honeymoon-and there were plenty of vendors available from The Florida Keys, to Aruba to The Royal Hideaway in Playacar, Mexico.  But I liked meeting Jeffrey Ward, the owner of Savvy Navigator because his destination weddings and honeymoons were bent on being international and that appealed to me a lot.


So again, I really enjoyed meeting all the vendors and seeing all the different possibilities, live- and not on the “internet!”SoLOL!

So now I want to share with you another company that was represented there which was Athena Entertainment


Wouldn’t hiring this company be a fun edition to your celebration on your very special day!!!

Then if you need a calligrapher for your invitations check out, if you need flowers check out Joyce Kutty at, if you need your make-up and your hair done then definitely check out Brush Chic at and if you need to find hotel blocks for your wedding guests then visit

So I’ll leave you with this thought and another possibility:  “Why not get married and honeymoon in Aspen??”


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