Getting Gorgeous at Metropolitan Pavilion


As a blogger this week has been amazing.  Aside from BlogHer 2015 and Blogger Bash I attended Getting Gorgeous 2015 with Galderma at the Metropolitan Pavilion which is located at 125 West 18th Street.

The room was packed full of bloggers who came to see a lot of interesting brands in addition to some other very fun activities.

So here are some of the brands that exhibited themselves at Getting Gorgeous and their hashtags.  So follow them on Twitter and learn about all things new and interesting.

First I visited with the exhibitors from Chobani #Chobani were giving out-so-cute-lunchboxes that you could design and then sample Chobani Kids or Chobani Tots Products.  They even supplied you with a thermal bag which you could send your kid to school with and keep to keep your Chobani purchases insulated.  Very Cool! #Chobani


Then I met with the rep from Kevita-a probiotic drink #Kevita and it was good!  So check it out!


Next, yum it was off to Jaydas Creation LLC and their speciality is popcorn and who can pass up popcorn.


Then yes, I had a session with a psychic-Eva and yes it was interesting.


Then I even had a face reading with a lovely woman who wrote a book called Face-to-Face, Eye to Eye-How to Rad Faces for Success and that was really fun.  She was really great.

And then let’s not forget the Liquid Oxygen display which exhibited breakthrough oxygen science for Acne.  So follow #LoveLO

But I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t shout out Bali  #Bali.

They really took time to help each of the interested bloggers what undergarment would be best for them and that was really terrific.#Bali.

So it’s always great to try something new and you never know!

So check out these brands, follow them on Twitter and find out what works for you!!!

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