Smoothie Beauty for Skin Heaven

I was lucky enough to be invited to Healthy Guru which was a fitness, fashion and wellness event which was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street. They had a lot of interesting exhibitors and speakers but I was most intrigued by a new company about to launch which is called Smoothie Beauty and which can be found at

I spoke to Stepanie Peterson the founder of Smoothie Beauty and I found her story both interesting and inspiring.


Stephanie shared with me that as a little girl, Stephanie’s Korean grandmother always made face masks with natural ingredients and as a result was able to maintain a very youthful appearance.

As a little girl, Stephanie was very inspired by her grandmother and loved to watch her grandmother make these natural face masks.

Fast forwarding to present: Stephanie is now an international model with The Wilhelmina Agency and told me that as part of her job that she always finds herself in different climates which until she created her own skin care line had a negative effect on her skin and wasn’t really helping her commitment to a very much desired holistic lifestyle.

So when nothing that Stephanie tried to balance her complexion worked, Stephanie began to buy natural local ingredients dependent on the country that she was in and in that process she was able to create her own skin care that allowed her to access a much more balanced and happier complexion.

And as a result of Stepahnie’s best “skin care quest”, Stephanie also started a blog called  In addition to her blog, Stephanie also started her own skin care line which is 100% food based and is made entirely out of fresh, organic food-based ingredients that have been used for beautifying purposes for centuries and have long passed the test of time.

Stephanie’s skin care line is 100% preservative, chemical and fragrance free, ethically sourced and made from the finest natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

As Stephanie likes to say, “Just fresh food ingredients and real results.”



Stephanie also shared with me that her skin care product line can be used and is used by both men and women alike and has equally gratifying effects.

So why not thinking about using a skin care line that is made entirely out of fresh, organic food-based ingredients and make peace using food for your best complexion possible and using organic food-based ingredients to make it happen!!

So if you’re ready for a happier complexion, go to to find out more.

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