Honoring Norma Kamali

The other evening I attended The Medal of Honor for Achievement in Fashion to Norma Kamali at The National Arts Club.


It was Norma Kamali who burst onto the fashion scene in 1967 and has since been a major influence on women’s fashion. Ms. Kamali has inspired and lead the industry as both an innovator and inventor for many decades.  Ms. Kamali’s most iconic and historically significant looks are the Sleeping Bag Coat, the High Heeled Sneaker as well as her Parachute Collection. Her influential swimwear continues to be recognized globally (you’ll see some photos below as they were exhibited at the Club for the evening’s event) and have remained an influence in this market for decades.  Ms. Kamali has received numerous awards for her work, and they include the very prestigious June 2016 DFDA Georffrey BEen Lifetime Achievement Award,

Today, Ms. Kamali’s brand represents every aspect of a woman’s life which range from fitness, health, beauty and style to entrepreneurship.

So below are some of the mannequins that graced the Club with Ms. Kamali’s past creations…






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