Holiday Party Held at Gansevoort Market

What more fun could you ask for on a cold December night then to step into a holiday party held by The Gansevoort Market at 353 West 14th Street.

Here’s the outside of the Market where I was greeted by The Village Carolers who sang my favorite holiday song White Christmas.



And the place was mobbed…img_0134

So let’s take a stroll through the market to check out some of the interesting vendors and the products that we were enjoying!

So first I said hi to Leandra Collier from Leandra explained to me that they source tea is from all over the world and that the only the tea that they use is from the top 10% of teas grown in sustainable gardens.  How cool is that!


Then I tasted Lemon gelato at Mo Gelata whose statement is Mo il Gelato which means gelato right now!!


Then I had a macaron at Dana’s Bakery which was great!


Then my personal favorite (maybe I was just feeling hungry for food!) was Grape Leaf.  Grape Leaf serves Lebanese types of food and their Falafel and Hummus was Really Good! All their food is organic and made from scratch! How can you not love that!!!  You can also find them on Seamless.


And then another favorite of mine was my last stop and that was a Korean BBQ stall called Oppa-New Korean BBQ. Their web site is

Here I tasted bulgogi rib eye steak with rice and scallions. Very Yummy and I’m looking forward to having it again!



So if you’re in the neighborhood definitely check out The Market and it’s unique vendors. It’s a nice experience with really good food choices!

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