New York MakeUp Show- Shines and Sparkles the Landscape


The other weekend I attended the 11th New York MakeUp Show and it was entirely awesome.  This event was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion which is located at 125 West 18th Street.

As you can see from the photo below The Pavilion was really mobbed and you could feel the excitement in the air…!!!


So the weekend and the show was dedicated to networking, community, inspiration and education to give make-up artists the opportunity to find new products for their kits, attend hands-on workshops and seminars to learn new application artistry and to explore business strategies and opportunities as well.

It was awesome and below are some of the many highlights of the show.

So my first stop was at Kett Cosmetics where I had the opportunity to speak with Sheila McKenna (see photo below) who is the founder of this exciting and amazing brand.


Sheila shared with me that Kett Cosmetics will let you see your skin improve and that each compact is constructed in a way where the colors are especially customized for your particular skin tones. Kett Cosmetics is a water based cream make up and the benefits of using the Kett Brand is that it contains Vitamin A, C &E.  It also contains Licorice Root Extract which is an anti-oxident which evens out one’s skin tone and it’s also fragrance free, paraben free as well as silicon free.  How can it get better than that!! It can’t.  So check out Kett Cosmetics at

Then it was lashes, more lashes and more lashes…See the Velour Lashes Line below where you can get silk or mink lashesOhLaLa.



The brand representative told me that Velour Lashes have cotton thread bands that offer more comfort, have 25 to 30 weaves for one lash and that they are lightweight and durable. So check them out!

Then I found a great orange lip gloss in the display of Shea Moisture Cosmetic’s and in addition, there’s a great face map of the cosmetics that you need to consider for your best face ever.  So check out the form…also displayed by the Shea Moisture Cosmetics Brand.




And now for those extra special fun pretend events here’s Eye Kandy Cosmetics which can be used on your eyes, nails and mouth (but only with Matte Lipstick!) and there’s no endLOL to the sparkling here….  So fun…IMG_0050


And last but by no means least, one of my personal favorites was Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland Palette.


With 20 eye shadows to choose from and the butterfly and text at various places on the box-there to remind you-that you “too” can expand your wings and become the butterfly of possibility that you truly are-I think that this is a cool eye shadow palette to have around.

So the next time you’re standing in front of a new cosmetic product that looks like it just might be great to try-try it-exploring the possibilities of a new look is always fun and a way to also learn more about yourself.

So go for it!!!


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