My New York City Eyebrow Adventure


Elke Von Freudenberg, eyebrow specialist extraordinaire at has been quoted as saying that “Your eyebrows should be as fashionable as you are!”  I had the good fortune to meet Elke at The New York MakeUp Show this past year and was fascinated by her knowledge of how to make your eyebrows look as she says, “as fashionable as you are!”

Now I must admit that I began thinking more seriously about my eyebrows about three years ago when I took a trip to Turkey.  I realized when I got to Istanbul that I had left my Clinique brow shadow at home.  Oh, noLOL!!!

So I immediately ran out and found a Mac store.  Now they didn’t have anything for the brows and so I bought a powdered brown eye shadow and used a small brush to apply it and it did the trick.

But the next year I attended The New York MakeUp Show and came upon a product called Billion Dollar Brows.  Now that also gave me a “pause for thought… when thinking about my eyebrows”- — but still- I let it go.

But it was meeting Elke at this last year’s New York MakeUp Show that I knew that it was really time to find out how to make my eyebrows the best possible. With that mission in mind, Elke agreed to an appointment at her beautiful salon at 1140 Broadway at 26th Street to help me understand how to make my brows “as fashionable as possible”  so that I’d also be able to share this important information with my New York Point of View readers as well!


So when I got to Elke’s studio, I asked her the question that I’ve always tried to figure out but never could and that was, “How do I get both eyebrows to look the same?”

Elke graciously then explained to me how to do that and below is a chart that will let you see how easily it will be for you to do as well!


How to Get Both Your Eyebrows to Look the Same!


Brow Lines for Even Brows - Copy (2)


l. So the first thing that you need to do as shown at the #1 is to hold a thin ruler or a pencil and create a horizontal line from arch to arch.  If you notice that one arch is higher than the next then Elke said that you want to take out 1 or 2 hairs off the top of the higher arch.

2. The next thing that you need to check as shown at the #2 is that you need to check the front of the brows (the parts closest to your nose) on the bottom.  So to do that, take your thin ruler or your pencil and create a horizontal line from the bottom front of one brow to the bottom front of the other brow and get them looking the same as well.

3. Now the third and last place where you want to get your brows lined up is where each of your brows arches.  To do that as shown at the #3 you will look straight into the mirror and place your ruler or pencil vertically on your face on the outside of your iris (holding the pencil straight) and that’s where your arch should be.  Then do the same for your other eye as well.

So there you have it!

You now have the three steps to get your brows to look the same as Elke puts it, “to look like twins and not sisters!!”

So if you want to have your brows professionally done or want to discuss a specific type of challenge with your eyebrows then I can’t recommend Elke highly enough.  She’s extremely professional and she knows her “brows”!!!

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