Chocolate and Wine Pairing Fun

The other evening I attended an Exotic Chocolate Tasting with Chocolate Sommelier, Roxanne Browning.




Roxanne Browing is the Chief Chocolate Sommelier at and it was a very fun and educational evening.

So during the evening, we experienced five different types of wines which were paired with very different types of artisanal chocolates.

During this process, first we tasted the chocolate, then we tasted the wine and then we tasted them together.

So here is the order of the pairings…


The first pairing that delighted was Sean Minor Chardonnay 4 Bear, Central Coast, CA 2013.


and that wine was paried with Single Origin: Dominican Republic and the Chocolate Maker was Cacao Prieto in Brooklyn.



The second paring was Malbec Familia Mayol, 2013 from Mendoza, Argentina.


and that second wine was paired with chocolate that was 70% Cacao Tuscan Red with Berries, Single Origin: Venezula and the chocolate maker is Amedei, Italy.



Now the last three pairings were also with red wines so I’m just going to post the name of the red wine and then show you what the chocolate wrapping looked like.


So the third pairing was a red wine and was Niino Negri-Quadrio, Lombary, Valtellina, Italy 2011 and it was paired with



The fourth pairing was with Balance Shiraz, South Africa 2013 and that chocolate was



And the last pairing was Lambrusco Rose Bertolani, Italy and the chocolate was



So if you’d like to find out more about and their page on where to find these artisanal chocolates then click HERE and see where you can purchase these interesting chocolates today!


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