The Fancy Food Show Fancifies

The other day I found myself at the Jacob Javits Convention Center where I attended The Fancy Food Show.


The center was completely mobbed (it was the first day of the show) and there were so many vendors that I decided to just highlight some of the products that I liked because it had a humongous number of exhibitors and sharing more than a few would just take a whole lot of different postsLOLL!


So the first vendor that I wanted to share with you is The Plymouth Cheese Coompany.  The Plymouth Cheese Factory in Plymouth, Vermont has been producing high quality, raw milk artisan cheeses for over 125 years.  The factory built by Calvin Coolidge’s father in 1890.  Today, Plymouth Artisan Cheese is an award-winning, handcrafted revival of the original Coolidge recipe, which is in turn based on the rich and full-bodied granular curd cheeses the first English Settlers  brought to the New World.

I adored the way the cheese was  packaged and they tasted great as well!!!


The second oh so yum product was the fudge created by Calico Cottage which is located in Amityville, New York.


So all the fudge looked sooo wonderful, that seriously I didn’t know which one to try. But at the finish line came the Chewy Praline Vanilla Fudge with a pralines and peanut inside and a caramel swirl on top. Need I say more-SoLOL!

So what can top Chewy Praline Vanilla Fudge-so you saySoLOL—well believe it or not I found a Japanese Company called which served up the Most Delicious Jams that I have ever tasted.  The jams were just very uniquely flavored…



My absolute favorite was Black Sesame Spread even though they sold a Chocolate Spread and a Peanut Spread as well!  I just found the Black Sesame Spread a delightful change of pace. So if you like jams, I just googled Black Sesame Spread and I found  it of all placesSoLOL on E-Bay!

OK. So now onto the wonders of the banana as so well highlighted by the funniest company called Barnana.


Barnana is one of those familiar tasting but fun and well innovated products.  Their candies are both tasty and delicious candies and are made from upcycled bananas (upcycled bananas are bananas that are not perfect for sale and would otherwise go to waste) and then combined with organic coffee, organic peanut better, organic coconut and let’s not forgetLOL organic chocolate!!!

OK and now I admit it againLOL-I am a desserts girl first- so when I stopped at Rustic Bakery I was really! Impressed!!!  I tried their Brown Blonde with Butter Pecans and their Valrhona Chocolate with Brownies.  Ok. Need I say more.   Awwwesome


Oh, and now let’s talk about packagingLOL.  Check out for your absolute favorite type of “hot” peanuts…


And then how cute is this phrase for a cough drop by Dallmann’s


Who knew that a cough could appearLOL so fashionableLOL.

Well, it’s time to go and look who I met on the way out!!!!!


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