The Mile End Montreal Food Tour

I was in Montreal and had the good fortune to take The Mile End Montreal Food Tour.  This food tour is known for its gastronomic diversity and it happens to be the best place to eat many of Montreal’s food specialties and to also discover Quebec’s wonderful local products.

So our first stop on this food tour was Panthere Verte.  Panthere Verte is Montreal’s very awesome vegetarian restaurant.  There I had a falafel with deep fried chick peas that had cumin, coriander and cardamom.  In addition there was marinated cabbage with clover spout and dill pickles.  The ingredients were so fresh that the entire eating experience was heightened by that aspect of the eating experience alone!!!


Our next stop was Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois which is an oh so ooh-la-la chocolate shop.


There we had a brownie in hot chocolate.


Need I say more!

Then we stopped at St-Viateur Bagels.


So ok we each got a sesame bagel where the claim was there there were at least 1500 sesame seeds on each bagel.  But OK, I will tell you that yes, there were that many sesame seeds on the outside of the bagel but unfortunately it did not come close to a New York Bagel.  And I share that first hand since I can have 1 or 2 a week and I know my bagels!!!!!!!

So onto Drogheria Fine which I have to tell you was worth this food tour alone.


You line up outside and the guy makes these gnocchis with tomato sauce and a little parmesan cheese which I tell you was unbelievably delicious and amazing!!!!!!!


I’ve never tasted gnocchis or tomato sauce, Ever this good.  I wish the guy had a stand in Manhattan as well.SoLOL!

Yes, I am full very full and then it was time to visit Boucherie Lawrence where we tasted several cheeses with dry and cooked sausages along with some terrine which you can see in row 5-left to right.


And then, yes it’s the last stop-Phew-Thank goodness-we stopped at Kem Cob which is definitely the best ice-cream and sorbet in Montreal and maybe anywhere…

Look at this line…IMG_0090

We wound up having cheesecake ice-cream with cherry sorbet. Yes, I want more.SoLOL


So if you ever find yourself in Montreal definitely, definitely take The Mile End Montreal Food Tour!

It was really awesome and you will totally enjoy yourself!

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