Georgian Food on 3rd Avenue

Met a friend for dinner only this time we ate inside with the new rule of indoor dining at 25%. We met at a new neighborhood restaurant named Chito Gvrito where they serve Georgian food. I knew that the meal would be on the heavy side but it was cold out and I was ready.


Inside Bar area…

So my friend and I decided to order one small plate also labeled as Shares and that was Country Potatoes and Musroom which aside from the Country Potatoes was made with Shiitake Mushrooms and Fresh Dill.

Sooooo good!!

Then we each decided to order a different type of dumpling. So I ordered Khinkali which are small meat dumplings made with beef and pork, herbs and ground caraway.

And my friend ordered the Kveri which were Cheese Dumplings. These Cheese Dumplings were made from Georgian cheese and served in a buttery creme-fraiche sauce.

Personally, I enjoyed the Cheese Dumplings more than the Beef Dumplings maybe because I love everything and anything sweetLol

But, if you’d like to try Georgian Cuisine check out Dhito Gvrito which is located on 3rd Avenue between 16th and 17th Street.

It’s a nice change of food…

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