Lunch at Inside Park at St. Barts

So today I meet with a group of women that belong to an organization that loves learning about different ideas around the world.  Before the lock down we would meet once a month to talk about different topics but because of the lock down we have been unable to meet and share ideas.

So today we met for lunch at Inside Park at St. Barts.  The American cuisine restaurant is part of an extended property of St. Bartholomew’s Church which is also commonly called St. Bart’s. The Episcopal parish was found in January 1835 and is located on the east side of Park Avenue between 50th and 51 Street in Midtown, Manhattan.

The restaurant area is attached to the church and it makes for a wonderful ambience especially while eating in the outdoor garden.

So what did I decide to order?

I just felt like having their Citrus Honey Crispy Chicken Sandwich. That turned out to be a Buttermilk-marinated chicken thigh, on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and fries.

The chicken was excellent and I really enjoyed the meal.

So if you’re in the Midtown Area check out Inside Park at St. Bart’s.

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