Sundown at Bocca Cucina

With no other forms of entertainment in the city when the sun goes down eating out has been the go to way to meet friends and share a meal at a socially distanced restaurant.

The other evening, I joined a friend at Bocca Cucina which is located at 39 E. 19th Street.  Bocca Cucina basically serves Italian cuisine with a creative and modern edge.

Since the restaurants have basically taken over the streets we sat on the other side of the restaurant but in the street :).

Here is how they socially distanced their tables “in this remote section:) across the street from the restaurant 🙂

So what did I decide to order?

It was hot and muggy and seriously I just wanted something light.

So I ordered an appetizer of shrimps wrapped in bacon.

But since I knew that I was only getting 3 🙂 shrimps I ordered Brussel Sprouts with ham and I seriously love Brussel Sprouts so I was feeling pretty happy about that.

So how was dinner?

I enjoyed the seasoning on the shrimp but I found the bacon to be way too fatty and wound up unwrapping all the shrimp from the bacon.  But, I enjoyed the Brussel Sprouts and ham so that made up for the way too fatty bacon.

Then it was sooo muggy out I decided to order some dessert that would cool me off 🙂 .

So I ordered a Lemon Tart with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

It was good because it was light and sweet enough.

So would I recommend Bocca Cucina?

I would consider returning but I wouldn’t order the Shrimp and Bacon appetizer again 🙂 .



Bon Appetit

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