Outdoor Dining near Lincoln Center

As I’ve mentioned in so many of my recent posts except for a walk or a visit to a park to meet a friend I’ve basically been meeting friends for dinner.  It’s the only way that people feel safe enough meeting and it’s the only activity actively open to the public.

The also good news about this is that it forces me to visit other parts of the city and any local change of scenery these days besides my apartment is a very welcome change even if it is for a pretty short time.  That’s because after 8pm there are very few folks on the street and the bicyclists and food delivery guys have lost their minds and are completely reckless and then some.

So the other night I found myself at Atlantic Grill. Atlantic Grill is located at 49 West 64th Street, a very short distance from the great Lincoln Center.

So you can clearly see here how the socially distanced tables were set up and it was great.

What did I order?

I decided to order what they call Rocket Man Roll.

Rocket Man Roll was a combination of spicy salmon, shrimp, avocado, Asian pear dill and red nuclear sauce.

Well, let me tell you that the spiciness of the salmon was a lot and so adding the red nuclear sauce after my rush to the water glass was notLol an option.

But I enjoyed the dish and once again it was great being in a different part of the city and being outside.

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