New York MakeUp Show-Paints a Rainbow!

The New York MakeUp Show was a very educational and fun-filled event.  The event was held to give the MakeUp professional a showcased experience through highlighting new brands, new products including some of the favorites in addition to great keynote speakers and an interesting group of feature presenters.

So for me personally, I saw many products that were interesting and some I hope to try.

So let me share what I found and I hope that it inspires you to check out these brands as well!

I’d have to say that finding The Billion Dollar Brow Display definitely excited me.  This company created what they call The Brow Buddy Kit.


This cute plastic kind of pliers lets you measure where your brow begins, then where it should arch and then where it should end and then you can pencil it in using their Universal Brow Pencil.  How cool is that! Can’t wait to try it!

Then I came across Amika

Amica started in 2007 and what distinguished them is that they put print on a took, such as a hair dryer, straightener and curlers as seen below.


Then in 2010, the company launched their own hair care line which is just as powerful and message provoking as their tools. So check it

Then I found this lovely makeup line called Besame

See below:


Besame sells makeup that reflects the era of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s which honors the style, spirit and sensibility of female beauty. Can’t wait to try it.  Just loved the look of it!!!

Then lucky me, I found a new concealer that I know will do the trick.


The name of the company is Eve Pearl.

I tried their concealer while there called Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment for fair skinned people and Wow! it was great!

So check out  It won’t disappoint!

Then I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the great displays of body painting makeup.

Below you can see how its used to glam up a very pretty body painting model.


So if you’d like to get some body paint and recreate yourself for the day then head over to and check out Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet as shown below…

IMG_0040So the next time you think about buying any makeup, try something new, change is good and you never know how it will look-if you don’t try!

As Angelique, the CEO of Breakups to Makeup says “Love Raised Me: Lipstick Saved Me!”


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