Welcome to the 2017 Makeup Show NYC

Covering The Makeup Show NYC is one of my most favorite events to cover and this year did not disappoint…

So my first stop was meeting Dani Fonseca (the blond who is painting!) who loves to teach air brushing but most of all whose main passion is supporting the creative artist.

You can find Dani at www.thebodyofart.com and www.thebodyofartists.com

Next, I visited my favorite make up company which is Kevyn Aucoin at www.kevynaucoin.com

I’ve used several products from this company and I believe that they are really the best makeup company that I’ve come across in the last three years for me and what makes me comfortable.  For example all of their 16 shades of creme can be used as concealer, foundation or a supportive ingredient in your moisturizer.  Their brow pencil(which I adore!) has a thin point, gives you great management and has a brush on the other end to blend your application.  And their Volume Mascara never smudges or smears and comes off with warm water. It gives you lots of volume with a lot of application control.

Then I came across an eyelash glue company called Lash Pop.

The eyelash glue at Lash Pop is an alternative for folks with allergies, those who has sensitive eyes and also with those folks that have challenges applying their lashes.  Cool!

The next company that I found very interesting was called DreamWeave Products Ltd and was based in Manchester, England with distribution all over the UK and now South Africa as well.

Now the two products that were shown to me can be found at www.wrinkleregime.com and so here we go…

Love, love, loved their product Colorgenics which is a 7 in 1 tube of lipstick.  You twist the top and in a clicking type of self-regulated manner you can experience applying 3 shades of pink, then a middle pink and then 3 shades of red.  It is so cool.  Can’t wait to use it!!!

Then Dream Weave also makes a mascara, that doesn’t smudge, clump or wind up making your dark circles—if you have them darker!!!  You can swim with it on, or jog or go to the gym and it will always look fresh.

So here I am resting in their Red Mouth Display—

 And now last but by no means least every gal needs a fun makeup case and so here’s a table full of them put out by Angelique Velez, CEO & Founder of www.breaksuptomakeup.com

So if you want to learn more about the 2017 New York Makeup Show, then click HERE and MakeUp is your oyster.

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