New York City and Fashion Week

Well, it’s Fashion Week in The Big Apple!

I attended The StyleX event which showcased the new DNA of fashion and technology and which finished up with a fun cocktail hour that benefited The American Heart Association.

Now below are some of the event’s attendees.


So who innovated this event?

Well, this is the 3rd edition of StyleX and the event was hosted by Katlean de Monchy who is the CEO and Editor of neXtpert. StyleX showcased emerging designers, makers, brand and sponsors in addition to a full schedule of events, leadership panels and demo experience lounges.

So let’s take a look at who some of the StyleX exhibitors were…

First there was Iris Schwartz from


Iris makes these butterfly shawls which do really glisten in person.  Each shawl is trimmed in mink and lets a woman feel both glamorous and forward moving-like a butterfly does and should…  Iris can be reached at

Another exhibitor was Cimquest which is a 3 D Printer Sales and Prototyping Service.


So if you want to dabble in the world of 3D and even make a doll that looks like yourself, then check them out.

Then I met the gals from Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery which takes advantage of the newest and most effective techniques that help you not only look better but feel better as well.


But then I got lucky and met Dr. Greenberg as well.


Then I saw a disply of shoes created by True Gault


True Gault scans your feet using 3D imaging technology and creates beautiful custom shoes that fit.  How cool is that!!

So if you’d like to gift yourself something special then definitely check them out!!

And now I wanted to share with you a great smile and a fun drink product.

So below is a photo of the guy who was distributing Bai carbonated and non-carbonated drinks which can be found at


Loved his smile along with the Cherry carbonated Bai sample that I tasted!

So whatever you wear or whatever you try whether it be a new form of technology or a new type of beverage-enjoy the adventure and take the risk…  That’s what makes life so fun!!!



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