Charred Octopus and Tallowed New Potatoes

The other evening I wound up at 190 Avenue B between 11th and 12th Street at restaurant named Kingsley.


Kingsley is a new restaurant from Chef Roxanne Spruance and its focus is sesonal, local, market-driven contemporary French-American cuisine.

Here is a photo from the inside looking out…


So after looking at the menu and not being all that hungry I decided to have a mid size plate of Charred Octopus with Eucalyptus, yogurt, plums, cucumber, sumac, rice wine and shiso.


It was really a nice choice.  The lightness of the cucumbers against the backdrop of the yogurt sauce combined with the chewiness of the well charred octopus was really excellent.

Now to go with that I decided to also order a side dish of New Potatoes which were made with tallow (yes, I had to ask the waiterLol-what tallow meant!!) and found out that tallow is used in large proportion in the production of shortening and that sometimes that its used in deep frying in place of other oils.

Sounded yum, good to me and I ordered it!


And wow— those potatoes really tasted good!!!

So if you like the feeling of being in a film noir kind of setting…(see wall below)…


with an interesting choice of menu, then check out Kingsley for a nice evening out!!

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