2016 Event Planner Expo

The other day I found myself at The Event Planner Expo which was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion which is located at 125 West 18th Street.


Now The Event Planner Expo is the largest showcased event for all event planners, wedding planners and party and corporate planning professionals.  At this informative and fun Expo attendees have the opportunity to network with the best in the business and to learn from the top event planning professionals about the latest industry trends.

It was fun to be there and I got to taste a lot of good food and see the venues available to folks who do the actual event planning.

And so here is what the room looked like…


So now below I’m just going to highlight some of foods that I got to taste and experience…

So first I saw Pera Soho www.pera-solho.com and Pera Mediaterranean www.pernyc.com

Their food display was really the best at the event.  The dish below was Mediterranean Tartar and the dish below that was Smoked Eggplant with Garlic Yogurt.  They were both simply divine!!!



Then I saw an exhibit by LIQS www.liqsshot.com. LIQS is a company who makes cocktail shots and custom labels them!  They came in such flavors such as Tequila Cinnamon Organe, Whisky Fireshot, Vodka Lemon Drop and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit.


Then it was dessert time at Cookie Dough Confections www.cookieDonyc.com.  They handed out yummy one-of-a-kind DOlicious sweet treats which are handmade in New York City!


Then off to the Ben & Jerry’s set up to try their latest flavor!!!  Not an easy choiceLol.img_0037

And then Ooh-La-La


My most favorite French pastry from Landuree www.landuree.com.


So it was a very fun experience and I’m glad that I got to taste some foods that I was familiar with and some that were new.

Tastings are always a fun thing to do!

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