The Big Chocolate Show

Being a Chocolate Lover, how could I resist attending New York’s, The Big Chocolate Show.  Well, Lol, I couldn’t!!!


The show was held at Terminal Stores which is located at 269 Eleventh Avenue between 27th and 28th Street.

OK. Now the show did not, so did not disappoint!

I got to taste many incredible types of chocolates and got to meet Chocolate Makers from all around the world.

So here are some of the chocolate brands that I wanted to share with you along with some other very interesting “chocolate related” products that I think that you’ll also find interesting as well.

So the first two chocolate companies that I wanted to let you know about come from Ecuador.

The first chocolate company is called Pacari and can be found at .


Galo Pazmino, President of the company explained why Pacari chocolate was so special.  He shared that the company only uses one type of cocoa bean which is called arriba and which is considered one of the finest cocoa beans in the world.  He then told me that the company works with small farmers and these farmers produce small batches in order to preserve the aroma of the chocolate at its highest level.  Also that all ingredients on each of the farms are both organic and biodynamic.

Then I spoke to Ana Martinez of Minka Chocolate another brand of chocolate which is made in Ecquador.


Ana explained that Minka is located in Ecuador and that they grow their cocoa beans on a single farm and that the cocoa bean is infused  by the aroma of the diversity of this single farm.  That’s because the single farm has 5 haciendas (where they house their cocoa beans) and that each hacienda provides a different aroma which is given off by the plant that shares its space with the cocoa bean.  So that one hacienda has a banana tree, another a prune tree, another a citrus tree and another a generic Ecuadorian tree.  Again, all of these varied smells, individually housed in each hacienda are what gives their cocoa beans the most interesting smell and flavors which is really interesting to me. So how cool is that!

So now let’s talk about another chocolate company that I found which I thought was amazing. The company’s name is Christopher Elbow’s Chocolates and Christopher told me that they can be found at Dean and Delucas for anyone living in the city! Yeah

After tasting the yellow chocolate ones in the middle which tasted a Key Lime pie unto itself and then the ones on the right being the most Amazing house made caramels with grey french sea salt-I was hooked!!!



What can I say but simply divine!

Now for some fun chocolate related items that I found:

First I found a chocolate maker, so if you can’t find the chocolate that you like then you can actually make your own.


That  can be found at www.melangers,com.  Check it out!

Then I found, can you believe-both Mint Chocolate and Orange Chocolate Hand Lotion from .


OK. I had to buy the Mint Chcolate Body Lotion.  Are you serious…Lol, smelling chocolate without the calories-how cool is that!!!  And just to let you knowLol they also have a travel size so check them out as well!

But then OK., I must admit it, I had the most fun when I met Moran Etstein, Israeli-born, chocolate artist whose company Drizzle, Inc can be found at .

Moran, an amazing chocolate artist, both created and developed her own line of chocolate mannequins with handmade chocolate outfits and accessories that she so aptly calls “Chocolate Fashionistas.”

In addition, to hand crafting her “Chocolate Fashionistas” Moran also offers fun and educational chocolate worshops for kids and adults for a multitude of events where the attendees get to create their own chocolate works of art.  Again-How fun is that!!!

So here are some of Moran’s “Chocolate Fashionistas”…




Yeah-I already feels sooo inspired to make my own chocolate creation…!

So I hope that I’ve inspired you to try new types of chocolates and to also think of how chocolate can be used not only as something to “chew” but that it can be elevated to an art form a well, as Moran does at .

Happy Weekly Chocolating 🙂


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  1. I love your post! I’m the chocolate maker that sells the Chocolate Refiner and make those chocolate lotions (and so much more) for indi chocolate. If you want to make chocolate at home, I can help and it is a lot of fun. You can also find the Chocolate Refiners on my website with recipes, stories and more at Thank you for coming and sharing about The Big Chocolate Show. Can’t wait for the next show. — Erin

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