Williamsburg Brooklyn for Dinner

This is kind of a sentimental post for me since I pretty much grew up in Brooklyn and practically lived on the L train with the last stop being Canarsie.  I was born in East New York and at a year old moved to E. 95th Street and Church Avenue to live in a four family house  bought by my grandparents.  But at the age of 8 my family bought a home in Canarsie on E. 100th Street between Avenue L & M and that’s where I lived until I finished college.

So taking the L train last night back to Brooklyn to meet some folks to dinner was very sentimental and a fun way of looking back.


Now the restaurant that I had dinner in was Rider’s www.ridersbklyn.com and was located at 80 N. 6th Street and Wythe.


Here’s the entrance way and the bar area…



I will admit that the decor of the restaurant was pretty Spartan but the food definitely made up for it!!!

So, I wound up having what was called Duck Breast.



It was called Duck Breast and was plated with nduja stuffed dates, parsnip, pekmez and hazelnuts.

So the bottom of the plate had parsnip and on that were three very large dates which were stuffed with dnuga which a spreadable smoked pork sausage(OMGoodness-it was gooood!-and went so well with the dates!) and then the pekmez (in the small dish on the plate) was a very sweet like syrup that’s created by condensing the juice of fruit especially the  juice of the grape and is used pretty much as a syrup. Awesome!!!!!

So that all together, these sharply distinctively different flavors and textures were really it’s own symphonic creation and just worked really well together.

Well, noLOL-I didn’t have dessert because it was really late and I was feeling really full but here is what their interesting dessert menu looks like…


So if you find yourself on The L Train and going to Williamsburg for dinner then check out Riders www.ridersblyn.com and enjoy!

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