Theatre District’s Junior’s

It was 18 degrees and freezing but freezing Monday night but I found myself in the theatre district meeting a friend at Junior’s. Now truth be told we really wanted to meet for dinner at Joe Allen but when we got there the place was closed and then we realized that Monday was considered to be the “dark” day on Broadway when performances and staff can have a day off. So we walked from Joe Allen which is located at 326 West 46th Street to Juniors which is located at 1626 Broadway at 45th Street.

Junior’s is a restaurant chain with it’s original location at 386 Flatbush Avenue Extension at the corner of DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. There’s the one in Times Square and then one in the lobby of the Fox Tower in the Foxwoods Resort in Ledyar, Connecticut. The restaurant was founded by Harry Rosen in 1950 but his family had run a diner in that location since 1929. Junior’s is known for its iconic New York style cheesecake and according to the restaurant it was named Junior’s after Rosen’s two son, Walter and Marvin.

So welcome to Junior’s in Times Square.

So having grown up in Brooklyn, I couldn’t bypass sharing some iconic images of Brooklyn that were so well placed in the restaurant and so here they are…

Ebbets Field and The Brooklyn Dodgers
Coney Island and the Famous Steeplechase
Coney Island/Summer 1928

So what did I decide to order?

It’s not like me to order soup, but I need something really hot to help me recover from being outside and so I choose their pea soup.

Junior’s Pea Soup

Lol. I also needed a cup of black coffee

besides the soup to recalibrate my body’s temperature. Wow, it was cold out!

The soup was very thick, hot and it was just what I needed. But in addition to that I decide to also order what they billed as a Single Potato Pancake.

Junior’s Single Potato Pancake

The pancake very heavy tasting not light like I’m used to but I just think that they put a lot of filling of sorts in it like “a lot of matzo meal”. But nonetheless the sour cream helped lighten it up and it was the hearty food that I needed to get back home.

So if you’re in the theatre district area and want a less formal type of restaurant experience with a very wide range menu then Junior’s is the spot. Enjoy!!

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